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Meet the tribe of Tejido Collective



Shanti Rackley was born and raised in Carmel Valley.  As a child, she loved sewing, cutting the straps from her new patent Mary Janes (unbeknownst to her mama), while flipping through the World Atlas dreaming of the places she would travel.  Daughter to a Mexican immigrant and a Mystic mama, Shanti has always been inspired by her cultural heritage, nature, and helping others.  She earned a BA degree in psychology and social behavior from UCI, a MA in Organizational Behavior, and later a certificate from FIT in design. 

Over the years Shanti has worked for some of the most talented ethical and sustainable brands in the industry including ethical jewelry designer Melissa Joy Manning, fair trade pioneers World of Good, sustainable footwear brand Coclico Footwear, and the original organic bedding company Coyuchi.  In 2008 she joined the young and renegade team at Dolce Vita Inc, landing a pivotal role building a brand new division for the now famous footwear brand.  It became clear, the demands of this fast fashion brand was not in alignment with her long term professional goals, so after 4 years she knew a change was needed.
In 2012 she left to start luxury artisan design brand TEJIDO and has since been sold to retailers around the world. She met her now business partner Taira in yoga and the stars aligned - the rest is history.  Store 1 in Carmel Valley opened Dec 2020 + their second store opened in Carmel by-the-Sea Aug 2021! 


Astrological Sign:  Virgo 

Favorite Self Care Ritual:  Detoxifying Mud Baths at Indian Springs Calistoga, a plunge in the Russian River, Seema Energy Massages, and a good facial. 

Taira Hustedt


Taira grew up splitting her time between the Monterey Peninsula and San Diego. She remained at the beach for college and graduated with a BA in Communication from UCSB. She then set off for NYC where she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, obtaining a BA in Fashion Merchandising & Buying. This turned into a decade of being immersed in the NYC fashion world where she consulted for some of the best, high-end specialty stores across the country and internationally. Her chief job was to seek out new and upcoming designers and trends, and then relay this to her stores so that they were at the forefront of trends and held exclusive rights to new designers.  After squeezing all the fun she could out of NYC, she returned to her California roots and ended up settling back in her hometown to start a family. Back at the beach in Carmel you will find her with her two rowdy, toe-head boys and a heeler pup named Bodhi.

Astrological Sign:  Pisces to a tee!

Favorite Self Care: Taking exorbitantly long baths while simultaneously binge watching K Dramas. Walking the beach with my  kids + pup and taking a million pictures of the amazing Carmel Beach Sunset. Also… yoga, yoga + more yoga. 

Fun Facts:  Taira is gifted with slight psychic abilities. 


Janell was born and raised in Orange County, California.  She began working in the LA fashion world right out of college until deciding to immerse herself in hoslistc skincare and herbal wellness. Having spent her life (up until now) in Southern California, Janell recently made the move to the Central Coast and is so fullfilled by her new found job and friends at Tejido collective.

Astrological Sign: Scorpio, Capricorn moon, Aquarius rising

Favorite self care: Outdoor herbal baths in her clawfoot tub.

Fun Facts: She is a gluten free baker extroidnaire, lover of fabrics, crafts and anything vintage. When she's not in the kitchen, you can find her bush-wacking in Big Sur, basking on a beautiful beach or scouring thrift stores.


Also a Cailfornia girl, Emma was born and raised locally on the Monterey Penninsula. Emma is  a certified doula, birth educator in training, mother, and currently studying to be  functional medicine practicioner.

Astrological Sign: Aquarius (double Aquarius, Sagittarius rising).

Favorite Self Care:  Taking a nice hot bath (there seems to be a theme amongst the Tejido ladies), laying in the sun, and  getting her car deep cleaned.

Fun Fact:  Has a deep passion for oil painting and does custom work, murals and logos..



A third generation California girl, Monica was born and raised in Southern California. Having had an obsession with style since she was small,  she flew off to NYC as soon as possible and dove head first into the fashion world, graduating from FIT and then working as an editor and stylist at several publications including Details and New York Magazine.  After a decade in New York she landed back in California as West Coast Fashion Editor for W & WWD and later as a freelance stylist.  An intense craving for more beauty, calm and less concrete took Monica to Healdsburg and finally, the Central Coast where she blissfully falls asleep to sea lions barking and waves crashing.

Astrological Sign: Taurus (through and through)

Favorite Self Care:  Waking up and jumping into the ocean (yes it’s freezing!), walking, walking and more walking and a nice hot bath with salts in her clawfoot tub.

Fun Facts: Can spot a sea otter from miles away and loves a good road trip, exploring all the little roads, towns, nooks and crannies - finding hidden gems and inspiration.

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